06 Feb / 2014


Collection notes

This season's ROCK & ROSE aesthetic works in perfect harmony with the Bud to Rose DNA; the femininity and softness of a rose meets the rawness and edge of rock and roll, creating an exciting mix of styles.

After spending time in Miami, the home of tattoo parlours, there has been developed an interest for artistry behind the characteristics  skulls and roses tattoo batterns, which came to inspire the starting point of the collection.

Architectural elements are translated into shapes and patterns used in chains and pendants;keeping it graphic and clean-cut.

Rose gold plays a key role together with beautiful shades of pink, which are balanced with the fondation of black, brown and raw silver.

Mix, march and layer different style for the ultimate look (bracelets should always be in plural!).

15 Jan / 2014


01 Oct / 2013

ALL ABOUT Attitude!

 A classic  statement:  monochrome non-colours Coffe

Stand aside ladies, FALL 13’ arrives with a roar - punk just re-entered the fashion scene. The new season brings a sweet and salty mix of punk-inspired studded styles, layered gold chains and colourful highlights. Mix and match, but most importantly complete your fall look with a whole lot of attitude!I nspiration for the collection can come from everything and anything, anywhere (you never know what will trigger the imagination). For each collection I keep an eye out for season-de ning trends to inspire the creative process. At the Fall/Winter fashion shows it was definitely about welcoming PUNK back in the room. Punk’s edgy attitude and leather-chains-and-studs works as the perfect contrast to the light and feminine essentials in our collection; playing with the Bud to Rose signature concept of mixing edgy with feminine; hard with soft; simple with extraordinary. You’ll ¬ nd a lot of  tuds - in di  erent exciting variations - in this collection; the stud also worked as a starting point for one of the season’s favourite shapes that has been used throughout the collection. BUT, Punk’s appeal lies in it being so much more than just fashion, maybe most importantly, it’s about an attitude. Just like when the movement arrived in the early 70’s, it still stands for pushing the boundaries and having a rebellious attitude. Everyday-life needs a pinch of rebellion from time to time, let punk be a reminder not to get stuck in old ways - try something di  erent and experiement with your style! The collection draws inspiration from many di  erent ideas, colours and shapes;Geometry, Studs and Classic layered chains, Country Blue, Rustic Red, Dusty Pink and plenty of Gold. Take the things you love, and mix

and match to create your own take on the season’s trends and make it your own. 

Diddi Camilla Nihlén

01 Jul / 2013


08 Sep / 2013


01 Apr / 2013



Bud to rose  BY DIDDI on Rootsi kaubamärk, mis asutati 2006 aastal Diddi Camilla Nihlén poolt. Viie aastaga on suudetud koguda tuntust ja tunnustust ka väljaspool Rootsit, nii USAs, Kanadas, Taanis, Hollandis, Soomes, Belgias ja mitmetes teistes riikides. Nüüd on soov ka Eesti ehetegurmaanidele heameelt valmistada. Bud to rose kaubamärki kandvad ehted on moodsaid, mis on loodud modernsele naisele. Iga ehed on unikaalse disainiga, sageli sisaldades eneses väikest sõnumit (nt. „belive in love“,happiness jm), mis loovad emotsiooni ja milles on tunda kunstniku isiklikku puudutust ja hinge. Kollektsiooni kuuluvad sõrmused, kaelakeed ja käevõrud, mida võib kanda üksikult või kombineeritult koos teiste ehetega. Bud to rose kaubamärgiks on kombineerida erinevaid materjale nagu nahk, seemisnahk, klaas ja erinevaid poolvääriskive koos metalliga, mis on nikkli-(messing, tsink või teras) ja allergiavabad.